Use of non stick and induction cookware in Fmsmoke house

When you are planning to open a restaurant, one major thing you need to decide is what kind of cookware you should use. For this, you need to research markets and see what the top restaurants use. It is an essential part of a restaurant, next to the chefs you hire. Non-stick cookware and induction cooktop are becoming more popular day by day because of their benefits. One of the famous restaurant chains, Smokehouse, uses nonstick cookware and induction cooktop and here is why it would be the best option:

Benefits of nonstick cookware

The slick coating on nonstick cookware not only allows us to make food using less oil but also is easier to clean afterward. Thus, if your restaurant wants to serve healthy food, using similar pans would be a great idea.


smoke house nonstick cookware


It is also scratch resistant. Although, you might need the right spoons for cooking in nonstick cookware.

Also, they look modern and don’t become dull for a much longer duration. When you are preparing food, you want to make sure that heat distributes uniformly. It would cook the even the grilled food much more quickly. Everyone wants a fast service in a restaurant, and thus, nonstick cookware is the way to go.

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Benefits of an induction cooktop

Induction cooktops involve the use of electromagnetism. Speed is one of the major advantages. It might have a higher price than gas and electric cooking, but it would be super useful if you always have a restaurant full of people. Ever since people have started admiring its benefits and incorporating the use, the prices are also getting lower.


best induction cooktop for smoke house


On the other hand, a lot of heat energy releases around a pan, but when you use an induction cooktop, heat will be generated inside the cookware only which results in lesser heat inside the kitchen. Your chefs won’t be drenched in sweat all day, and it would let them cook food with ease.

Of course, this also suggests less energy consumption and lower power bills.

You are also going green if you try this option as it is environment-friendly.

No flame suggests no grease fires, and there won’t be any gas leaks anymore.

You can easily control the heating temperature and prepare food at the required pace which, in turn, helps in keeping food warm for a longer duration without getting it burned.

And who can forget that you can clean up without any hassle, after preparing the food? Do you want to call the cleaning company every night after heavy working hours? I guess not. Your staff would simply call it a night by wiping everything quickly.


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